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‘I am in my second year of the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program [OYAP] and the OSP has allowed me to focus on the Essential Skills that are required for me to continue as an apprentice in automotive service. The OSP has helped me identify the specific skills that I need to develop in order to achieve my certification in the future”.

HG, OYAP student, Rick Hansen Secondary School

“The OSP website was beneficial to me because I was able to see the tasks I would need to do in my field of interest. The website pointed out the skills required in this field and helped me create a plan to reach my goal.”

AM, student, T.R. Leger School of Adult, Alternative and Continuing Education

“The OSP has given me the chance to look at the Essential Skills needed for a career in teaching in a new light. It has allowed me to consistently monitor my performance when referring to my Essential Skills development and has been a clear indicator of the tasks and duties needed at my workplace.”

DT, co-op student, Rick Hansen Secondary School


“I have used the occupational profiles and sample workplace tasks on the OSP to design learning activities that enable students to explore career interests while meeting curriculum expectations. It’s a great tool for engaging students.”

Jeff Ballantyne, English teacher, T.R. Leger School of Adult, Alternative and Continuing Education

“They LOVED THEM!!! They found them relevant and useful and wanted more. For the grade 10’s it fed nicely for the unit following as they saw there was a reason and a purpose to the activities.”

Cheryl Rivelis-Mittleman, Special Education Teacher, Toronto District School Board


 “The OSP subscribes to the same philosophy as Home Depot – it is an environment in which to develop your skills and prepare for a challenging career, and provides constant feedback on how to be successful in programs and in today’s workplace.”

Kim Forgues, VP Human Resources, Canada and Asia, Home Depot of Canada, Inc.

“The Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) is a valuable resource that helps to raise awareness of the Essential Skills and work habits that employers expect from their employees. Both small and medium size enterprises and large employers will find the OSP valuable for creating job advertisements and structuring performance reviews, while learners, job seekers and employees can use their work plans to build personal portfolios for career development.”

Michael Bloom, Vice-President, Organizational Effectiveness and Learning, The Conference Board of Canada



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