Linking Essential Skills and Work Habits to the Curriculum

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By using learning activities that make explicit reference to Essential Skills, work habits and tasks from everyday life and the workplace, you will:

icon increase classroom relevancy and engage learners;
icon give learners feedback on their skills demonstrations;
icon help learners connect what they are doing now to what they want to do in the future; and
icon help learners answer the education and career/life planning inquiry questions: Who am I? What are my opportunities? Who do I want to become? What is my plan for achieving my goals? and develop their Individual Pathways Plan (IPP).

cesl how

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View the Guide
View A Guide to Linking Essential Skills and the Ontario Curriculum to learn the two-step method of identifying and analyzing Essential Skills tasks embedded in learning activities. The four main sections of this guide – Essential Skills, Skill-Building Activities, Work Habits, and Creating Engaging Learning Activities – are followed by a set of useful appendices that include a quick reference sheet for future use, more practice activities, and reference materials to help you understand how to make linkages between curriculum expectations and Essential Skills and work habits. Appendix 3 provides supplemental information on the skills of problem solving and critical thinking.

Read what learners and teachers say about the OSP learning activities:

“The OSP has helped me learn about the Essential Skills required for becoming a doctor, which is my goal. I am a nurse’s aide at Credit Valley Hospital [co-op placement] and I have used the OSP to practice my Essential Skills using real workplace activities”.

NT, co-op student, Rick Hansen Secondary School


“Focusing on Essential Skills and work habits when lesson planning produces a meaningful and engaging activity that, in turn, makes teaching the content easier and more effective.”

Trevor Taylor, Science Teacher, District School Board of Niagara

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