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Who do I want to become?

To help you answer the question “Who do I want to become?” the process guides you to:

  • identify the demands, rewards, and other features of various occupations you have explored, and reflect on the fit between those features and your personal characteristics;
  • based on the connections you identify, use a decision-making process to determine personal and interpersonal goals as well as education and career/life goals;
  • review and revise your goals in light of changes you recognize in yourself and in the opportunities that are available to you.

I am the Architect of My Life!

  • Choose a self-assessment of your skills and compare your results with occupation(s) of interest.
  • Check out the OSP occupational profiles to see how Essential Skills and work habits are used on the job in over 400 occupations as well as get labour market information.
  • Use OnWIN and iWIN to get information about education, training, occupations and labour market information and trends.
  • Use the OSP Social Media Resource – Module 1 to conduct research about a future career.


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