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What are my opportunities?

To help you answer the question “What are my opportunities?” the process guides you to:

  • explore the concept of “opportunity” and how the choices you make can open pathways for you;
  • expand awareness of school- and community-based opportunities (e.g., recreational, social, leadership, volunteer, part-time employment) and how these programs/activities help develop skills and relationships;
  • explore a variety of fields of work, occupations, and careers, and develop awareness of the impact of local and global trends (e.g., demographic, technology, economic, social) on the opportunities available to you;
  • investigate the preparation required for a variety of school- and community-based opportunities, occupations, and jobs (i.e. acquiring the necessary experience, education/training, and specific skills, including the Essential Skills and work habits documented in the OSP) and how this preparation can be obtained.

I am the Architect of My Life!

Use these OSP tools and resources to help you build and document the demonstration of your Essential Skills and work habits in classroom, co-operative education and other experiential learning, Community Involvement, volunteer opportunities (e.g. SpeakUp and Students as Researchers projects) and extracurricular activities.


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