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What is my plan for achieving my goals?

To help you answer the question “What is my plan for achieving my goals?” the process guides you to:

  • create a plan that identifies in detail the steps required to achieve the goals you have set;
  • identify the resources required to implement your plan;
  • identify potential obstacles and challenges you may encounter in implementing your plan, and devise possible solutions.

I am the Architect of My Life!

  • Use the OSP Tracker and the OSP Reflection Worksheet to track and plan further skills development so that you can achieve your goals.
  • Use the OSP Transition Plan to transfer your skills to everyday life and the next place you go – whether it’s further education, training or the workplace.
  • Use the OSP Social Media Resource – Module 4 to create, build and use your social media network as an important tool for realizing your personal and academic goals.
  • File all your OSP records in your IPP


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