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How can I build My ESWH?

Research confirms that skills levels are increased through targeted practice. Choose from 100’s of Learning Activities to practice and build your ESWH. Completing learning activities that make explicit reference to ESWH will help you connect what you are doing now to what you want to do in the future. SkillsZone also provides interactive activities and games to further challenge and develop your ESWH.

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OSP Interactive Education and Career/Life Planning Resources.  An interactive Resource for Kindergarten to Grade 6, for Grade 7 to Grade 12, and for Adult Learners and Job Seekers.

Skills Pyramid.  An interactive resource that shows how Essential Skills connect to technical and to workplace-specific skills in a number of occupations.

SkillsZone Games.  ESWH Games available in both flash and mobile formats.

Linking Essential Skills and the Curriculum.  An interactive resource that connects skill-building activities, Essential Skills tasks and courses which show how classroom activities link to learners’ goals outside the classroom.

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Complete one or more OSP Learning Activities focused on the Essential Skills and work habits you want to develop.

Complete the Track Your Essential Skills and Work Habits in Learning Activities resource.

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Government of Canada Essential Skills Practice Activities

Canadian Language Benchmarks’ Essential Skills Learning Activities and Lesson Plans

Connecting the dots - Helping students develop ‘transferable’ skills, The Toronto Sun, Linda White, September 24, 2015

Skillplan’s online Learning Activities for Essential Skills used in trades and technologies occupations How do your Skills Measure Up?

Careers in Construction. Download the Skills Canada Essential Skills free mobile app at Google Play and the App Store

To diversify our economy, we must build workers’ essential skills, The Globe and Mail, Janet Lane, July 2, 2015

Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC), UPSKILL: A Credible Test of Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills Training

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