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What ESWH do I have?

Knowing the ESWH you have, and those you need to further develop, is important to help you reach your goals. The OSP offers a series of ESWH Self-Assessments and Learning Activities to find out how you are already using your ESWH in work, learning and life.

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Self-assessments.  Choose a self-assessment to get information on your Essential Skills and work habits (Part 1 of the self-assessment tool).

OSP Check-In Tool.  Use this intake interview resource to informally assess or gauge clients’ demonstrations of Essential Skills and work habits.

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Discover Your SkillsAn animated introductory video to the OSP which illustrates how Essential Skills and work habits are used every day and why they are important in work, learning and life.

Using Essential Skills: In Everyday Life and at Work.  A set of nine videos showing the ESWH used in different scenarios including a trip to the pharmacy and working as a paramedic. There are worksheets to go with the videos.

Essential Skills Overview Video.  This video shows how a nurse uses Essential Skills, technical skills and job/workplace specific skills on-the-job.

Putting Your Skills to Work – Welcome to Ontario video.  This video and Facilitator’s Guide shows how ESWH are used by newcomers in their settlement process and how being aware of their skills promotes confidence and resilience in their search for employment.

Transfer Your Skills to a Great Job video.  This video and Facilitator’s Guide assists newcomers who are seeking employment to discover the ESWH they have that can be transferred to the Ontario workforce.

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Complete one or more OSP Learning Activities focused on the Essential Skills and work habits you want to develop.

Essential Skills and Work Habits Reference and Worksheets.  A list of ESWH with descriptions and sample tasks.  Use the worksheets to identify and/or describe your ESWH.

OSP Social Media Resource.  Each of the four modules in this resource will help you use social media safely and effectively to showcase your ESWH and get noticed when you are looking for a great: post-secondary program, apprenticeship, volunteer position, job or internship.

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Government of Canada Essential Skills Self-Assessments  and Essential Skills Indicator

Skillplan’s online assessment for Essential Skills used in trades and technologies occupations How do your Skills Measure Up?

Careers in Construction.  Download the Skills Canada Essential Skills free mobile app at Google Play and the App Store

Bow Valley College TOWES: The Test of Workplace Essential Skills

Douglas College Inventory of Essential Skills and Literacy Assessment Tools

BC Industry Training Authority (ITA) Essential Skills Trades Assessment

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