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How are ESWH used at work?

ESWH are used across occupations to improve productivity, enhance worker safety, and increase efficiency and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing workplaces. They are determined to be needed in nearly every job and for this reason they are considered transferable. This means that even if your occupation goal changes, the ESWH you develop will be transferable, and key to your success, in most jobs.

The OSP databases contain 1000’s of detailed examples of how ESWH are used in different occupations and in everyday life. The databases can be searched by occupation, skill, and the work, learning or life context they are used in.

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OSP Occupational Profiles.  Search for sample job tasks in over 400 OSP Occupational Profiles; get information on career planning, education and training, and employment and volunteer opportunities.

Use the list of OSP Occupations to identify occupations of interest and see how experienced workers use their ESWH on-the-job.

Search for sample tasks in work, learning and life to see how you have demonstrated these skills in different contexts and gather information to include in your résumé.

Create an OSP Work Plan that focuses on Essential Skills, job tasks and work habits related to a work placement.

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Transfer Your Skills to a Great Job video.  This video and Facilitator’s Guide assists newcomers who are seeking employment to discover the ESWH they have that can be transferred to the Ontario workforce.

Find the Skills You Need video.  A video which assists employers with understanding the importance of using the ESWH in recruiting and developing their employees. The video identifies many OSP tools and resources that employers can use to recruit and develop skilled, resilient and adaptable employees.

Keeping Safe at Work video.  A video and Facilitator’s Guide that illustrates how workers use their ESWH and exercise health and safety rights to keep safe at work.

Using Essential Skills: In Everyday Life and at Work.  A set of nine videos showing the ESWH used in different scenarios including a trip to the pharmacy and working as a paramedic. There are worksheets to go with the videos.

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Complete the OSP Tracker to track your Essential Skills and work habits demonstrations and plan further skills development.

Complete the OSP Reflection Worksheet after every experience in which you have demonstrated your ESWH.

Complete the Experiential Learning Worksheet to track your ESWH demonstrations in Experiential Learning.

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Government of Canada Essential Skills Profiles and Essential Skills website

Government of Canada Essential Skills Videos

ABC Life Literacy: 9 Essential Skills

Career Cruising Videos linked to the OSP

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