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Facilitator's Guide for Videos for Newcomers
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Discover Your Skills

discover your skills video

Make Social Media Work For You

social media video

Keeping Safe at Work

working safely

working safely guideFacilitator's Guide pdf doc

Introductory Skills Videos

introductory skills video
introduction to essential skills
introduction to work habits
Skills Overview
Introduction to Essential Skills
Introduction to Work Habits

Everyday Life

a trip to the pharmacy
renting an apartment
obtaining a drivers license
getting a pet
A Trip to the Pharmacy
Renting an Apartment
Obtaining a Driver's License
Getting a Pet
worksheets Worksheets

The Workplace

part a: paramedic
lab technologist
conclusion employer
Part A: Paramedic
Part B: Lab Technologist
Part C: Apprentice, Students and Greenhouse Workers
Conclusion: Employer's Message

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