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What ESWH do employers want?

Employers want employees who can communicate well, work as part of a team, show initiative and adapt to rapidly changing conditions in the workplace: all ESWH that are part of the OSP. Research confirms that company investment in developing ESWH results in employer benefits that include safer workplaces, higher productivity and efficiency, and lower absenteeism.

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Articles on Skills.  Read current articles on the importance of ESWH in the workplace.

OSP Occupational Profiles.  Search for sample job tasks in over 400 OSP Occupational Profiles; get information on career planning, education and training, and employment and volunteer opportunities.

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Find the Skills You Need video.  A video which assists employers with understanding the importance of using the ESWH in recruiting and developing their employees. The video identifies many OSP tools and resources that employers can use to recruit and develop skilled, resilient and adaptable employees.

Transfer Your Skills to a Great Job video.  This video and Facilitator’s Guide assists newcomers who are seeking employment to discover the ESWH they have that can be transferred to the Ontario workforce.

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Review the Tips for Employers.

Review the Tips for Employees.

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Education vs work skills: what do employers really want?, World Economic Forum, February 18, 2016

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Developing Canada's future workforce: a survey of large private-sector employers, Business Council of Canada, March 2016

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