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How do my ESWH match the occupation(s) I’m interested in?

Comparing your current ESWH with those required in the occupations that interest you, will reveal any skill gaps so you can develop a plan to get where you want to go.

Complete a self-assessment to see how your skills compare to occupation(s) of interest and use the OSP learning activities to build the skills you need to achieve your goals.

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Self-assessments.  Choose a self-assessment to get information on your ESWH and compare your results to occupation(s) of interest.

Create an OSP Work Plan to gather evidence of your ESWH demonstrations related to the occupation(s) you are interested in.

Create an OSP Training Plan that focuses on Essential Skills, job tasks and work habits related to learning activities.

Create an OSP Transition Plan to transfer your ESWH to a job or further education or training, including apprenticeship. Use this information to create a résumé and a cover letter that is targeted to a job advertisement and prepare for job interviews.

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Complete one or more OSP Learning Activities focused on the Essential Skills and work habits you want to develop.

Complete the Track Your Essential Skills and Work Habits in Learning Activities resource.

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Government of Canada Job Bank: Explore Careers by Essential Skills

Skillplan’s online assessment for Essential Skills used in trades and technologies occupations How do your Skills Measure Up?

Careers in Construction. Download the Skills Canada Essential Skills free mobile app at Google Play and the App Store

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